Post Doc Immersive Technologies 



The postdocs will be working in vibrant  transdisciplinary teams that are addressing a range of topics that see  transformative changes due to the potentially paradigm shifting nature  of immersive technologies. Example topics include: 

·Empirically validating immersive learning across the academic spectrum; 

·Immersive decision-making for environmental decision making; 

·Connecting immersive experiences to environmental and ecological modeling; ·Immersive storytelling; 

·3D modeling and design; 

·Foundations of immersive technologies. The postdocs will be coordinated through ChoroPhronesis (founded by Dr. Alexander Klippel) but will work across projects at The Pennsylvania State University and could have their primary home in units such as the Stuckeman Center for Design Computing or Teaching and Learning with Technology. Ongoing projects include but are not limited to: 

·The Science of Being There – Immersive Virtual Field Trips for Geospatial Sciences; 

·Visualizing Forest Futures; 

·The Rio Studio – Visualization and access to informal settlements through immersive experiences; 

·Transforming Education through Immersive Technologies; 

·Immersive Storytelling for General Education Across the Academic Spectrum; 

·Digital Innovation through Immersive Technologies: Establishing New Paradigms for Environmental Decision Support.